Perth Marathon June 2016

This was my 12th Perth Marathon and I was coming into some form so was hoping for 2:45 – 2:50 and went through halfway dead on target. Last year I was injured before Perth , after some quality training,  and  this had played on my mind and I blew up to a 2:49. At halfway I was even contemplating dropping out as it’s an out and back twice course so you have the option to step of the course at halfway and just go home! I’ve never not finished a race and that kept me going, anyway that was last year.

This year at halfway I feel great and this spurred me on to a good second half and a 2:47 and change finish. 6th place, just outside the prizes for top5 (for the second year ) Managed to grab an age group win so all-in-all a good day and a springboard for the City to Surf marathon in August.


Sandwiched between the winner and second place. (I think runner 472 is playing pokamon)
Sandwiched between the winner and second place.


A Dennis Tan classic.
A Dennis Tan classic.
Perth looking as beautiful as ever. Mind you the photo does not show the strong headwind for the last 4k.