Another double up day, how much longer ?

Well run  number 20 in 10 days and my double up streak continues. Had a good 12k tempo run with Stevie K. at lunch in Kings Park. Am so lucky to have such a beautiful park right on my doorstep. Leave the office, up the hill and you have 4.06km2 (I googled it) of pristine trails to play with. Outstanding. The view from the park ain’t too shabby either. Followed that up with a run in start swamp. Enjoyed both runs but not sure how much longer I can keep up running twice a day. Logistically testing but I know it’s doing me so much good. Maybe a few more days.

I understand the professional athletes run twice a day but in-between they would do very little. The Kenyans would just sleep in-between runs or eat. Unfortunately not sure the boss would take too kindly to me having a power nap after my lunch time exploits. The curse of the part time runner.  When you have Kings Park and Star Swamp to play in though it ain’t really that bad and Perth’s temperature is purpose built for running.

The odd power nap wouldn’t go a miss though, someone pass me a pillow.


Another perfect day in paradise.
Another perfect day in paradise.

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