Compression tights, the way forward or just very, very girly?


I must admit to wearing my Skins on my second runs in the evenings. I find they just help keep my legs ‘tight’, if that’s the right word. I went through a stage when I first got them (in 2010) of wearing them for all long runs and even in races. I even wore them in a 10k once, what was I thinking ? I remember starting a few debates on cool running back in the day on how much of an advantage I thought they gave you in a marathon. ( ) My 4-5 minutes was met with much debate at the time. I suppose what made me stop wearing them was no professional athlete ever worn them. After that they became my ‘recovery’ apparel and the odd long run when it was cold.

Now in their sixth year there are holes in all sort of places, which is why I always wear shorts over them. (and I believe this is a must at all times!!) but they still server to protect tired legs and I stand by my statement that they are worth a few minutes in a marathon, in a similar way a light pair of trainers can make a big difference if you can get away with wearing them.

The calf socks seem to be very ‘in’ currently in the triathlon world, must have something to do with the extra strain those athletes put on their legs because of the cycling and swimming ? Not sure but they certainly seem to be a ‘go-to’ piece of apparel for the triathletes. I have a pair and again if I do feel a calf knot coming on these socks seem to keep injuries at bay. All good then.

The one final comment regarding skins (or any compression tights) is they must never, ever be white. There was the time my good friend Dr. Geoff Reynolds embarrassed a state when he ran for WA in the Melbourne Marathon, beside me, in WA colours wearing white skins. This is akin to bowling underarm and Athletics WA has never really recovered. Worse, we both made the Marathon Booklet for that year; I’m surprised we were let back in WA airspace.


I’ve found a photo of the start. Please remember what is seen cannot be unseen. Me and Geoffa are wearing the WA State Colours as in 2010 the Melbourne Marathon was the State Championships. The only time I was so close to the African winners, the first 10m.!

Representing WA while Geoffa embarrasses a state wearing white skins!
Representing WA while Geoffa embarrasses a state wearing white skins!







  1. Tristan | 19th Sep 16

    I have made some out of tin foil – they are not helping my runs but have stopped me being abducted by aliens – seriously though have thought about them as I do suffer with tight calves probably due to the hilly terrain here on Dartmoor- loving the blog Kev – keep it up its ace.

  2. | 20th Sep 16

    I’m actually a big fan of compression tights and socks. (though not white of course!) I use them whenever I feel really tired as they do make a difference. Also if you are susceptible to calf and hammy issues they are a must. Do some seriously ‘out there’ colours , just no white ones. I’d recommend getting a pair, but please shorts over the top if you go for the tights. Nothing worse than doing a Linford Christie !!

  3. Tristan | 20th Sep 16

    I’ll give em a go – may just go for the calf jobs or is there an advantage to full length ? Deffo no white – I like to go for the dark destroyer look 🙂

    • | 21st Sep 16

      As you’re coming into Winter I’d go full length big fella, and also knowing where you run they may save your life one day !

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