Headwind, not on my watch.

Lunchtime run and we’re faced with a headwind straight from hell. After a brief discussion we all decide to run away into Kings Park and hide on some trails out of the wind. Makes me wonder how I’d clock the K’s in a climate not so ‘runner friendly’. I’ve mentioned a few times that I consider Perth to have the friendliest runner climate globally. Three seasons of the year it’s perfect all day,  while in Summer you get to get up nice and early and still get great temperatures while hiding from the heat for the rest of the day.

We’re also blessed with great trails, hundreds of kilometres of great shared bike paths (though cyclists can sometimes get confused with the ‘shared’ bit of that quote), great parks built for running and lots and lots of space.  All makes for some great running.

Could I run twice a day in a British Winter ? I suppose with the right protection, clothing wise, it would still be just as satisfying. An excuse for a whole new wardrobe of running attire, but for the moment I’ll stick with my singlet, shorts and suntan cream.


  1. Sascha | 19th Sep 16

    Headwind always a challenge and hard to keep pushing forward.

    • bigkevmatthews@gmail.com | 19th Sep 16

      Always keep moving forward Sascha.

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