It’s dark outside but the sunrise is coming, be mad to lay in bed.

Legs are feeling ‘goosed’ and I know I’m now walking the tightrope of injury and distance benefit gain. Due to No3Daughter deciding we should swap beds at 1am last night it made deciding to get up and go for a run all that more difficult. As I discussed yesterday the conditions were calm but cold so once I put on the skins and wind-cheater I was off in the dark. Best part about an early morning run is you get to see a sunrise and that alone makes the effort of getting out of bed worth it. No matter how many times you see a sunrise or sunset they are all special. Maybe it’s because as I near 50 I realise that my days of viewing these are limited. Hell, I could be over half way to the finish and this is one race where I will not be increasing my pace

Skins were yet again useful for keeping the legs warm initially but also helping in taking some of the fatigue out of the legs which , in my view, is certainly helping keep calf knots or strains away. We’ll see….