Sometimes it’s nice to get lost.

I’ve been running in Kings Park for 16 years but always find new and interesting trails or parts of the park I haven’t visited for some time. Like all things in life we get caught in ruts and do the same old thing day in, day out. Running is similar and you can map out the week of runs which can then turn into months and eventually years of running the same runs. This lunchtime I just went out with the premise of not actually having a plan or destination, just find some new trails. This I did and had a great run. My 10K turned into a 11.5k but whose counting. Hardly looked at the Garmin, hardly.

So whats the point of this post. Sometimes you just need to go for a run, no objective, no distance and no destination, just run for the sheer joy of running, puts a smile  on my face just typing it. Tomorrow though it’s back on, structure, pressure, numbers and probably some pain. Wouldn’t have it any other way….