It’s the weekend…time to put on a race number.

Weekends mean racing and I love racing. Nothing gets the old competitive juices flowing like a race bib on your chest. Some people shy away from competing but to me it is everything. I’m not racing for position normally just trying to beat a PB (PR). That’s why I love running, the only real person you’re competing against is yourself. I always use to go by the old adage you had 7 years of PB’s from when you start to run ‘properly’. Be that in your twenties, thirties or beyond. (There’s probably a age limit when this window will shorten i.e. if you started in your 70’s).. Anyway I was about on track for this as my running career started in earnest when I trained for the Comrades  ultra marathon in 2008 ( http://WWW.COMRADES.COM , now that’s another story)  and I thought I’d peaked in 2013/14.  By changing my diet and training I seem to have hit a second wind and recorded a few PB’s this year so we’ll see if i can prove the 7 year PB window wrong.

Racing is putting all the hard work to the test. Running is the most honest sport there is, there’s no option for high tech zip wheels, lighter frames, silly helmets to gain an advantage. Just you, the distance and a watch. Racing is when you test yourself against yourself initially and your peers and age group if you so desire. The most important competitor though will always be yourself.

Don’t be nervous about racing. I must admit my family know that a weekend of a marathon I am one to be avoided. I normally perform well on the day but the day before, hell the week before, you are filled with doubt. When I get to the line and the gun goes all that is forgotten as I get to do what I love best, run and run as hard and fast as i can. I am not one for ‘running’ marathons, I race them.

I’ve attached three classic Steve Prefontaine quotes below to get you inspired for the weekend ahead.

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What more can I say, go out there this weekend and be the best you can be. Then Monday start to work on being even better.