A blog written to help all the runners out there with good old fashioned advice from a running tragic. My name is Kevin Matthews AKA “Big Kev”(* it’s an Aussi thing.)  Currently living in Perth, Australia and enjoying what I consider to be one of the best climates in the world for running.

Fifty years old (young?) and  41 successful marathons  (there’s also 18 ultras but for me it’s all the marathon distance) with the latest in 2:44:30 for a silver medal in the 45-50 age group at the World Masters marathon in Perth. (7th overall) This was sub 3 hour number 28 and currently on a 25 sub 3 hour streak. (I don’t get out much so 40 of my 41 marathons have been in Australia. All bar my New York time in 2011 are available at this link :- https://ausrunning.net/marathons/search-runners.php?name=kevin+matthews )

This year I have changed my nutrition and my training schedule, on the back of what I learnt working with Raf Baugh ( http://www.therunningcentre.com.au ) , and have started to see the rewards with PB’s (PR’s for our American Cousins) in the 5k (16:40), 10k  (34.19) and half marathon (1:15:06) These times have reignited my passion for all things running and I’m hoping through this blog I can spread some of this knowledge to you. Age really can be only a number if you keep the love for running burning brightly, its time to either keep setting new PB’s or slow down as little as possible as we fight ‘Father Time.’  

As I turn 50 I have set up another website built to help the ‘older’ runner regain their fitness and general wellbeing, http://www.fitfastfifty.com . Thorough this site I am able to offer one-on-one training programs involving a running program combined with exercise tips and nutrition advice. Common sense advice that has helped me retain my fitness as I grow older and explode into the ‘best years of my life‘ which for me is ahead of me, not behind. Always look forward…..

Enjoy the journey and the destination. Yours in Running, BK.

September 2016. PB Update. Managed a 20 second PB at the WAMC Peninsula 10k . Time down to 34:19. Look out Mo Farah, I’m coming for you….

October 2016 . PB Update. Fremantle half marathon, nearly a minute PB from Perth earlier in the year. Down to 1:15:06. (Should have dived for the line!!)

November 2016. World Masters Marathon. Age Group Silver medal 45-50.  2:44:30.  First Australian in age group and part of the Australian team that received gold for the age group team award.

December 2016. City Beach 4k. 2nd place, 13:11. A 12 second PB but in a 4k I’ll take it. 6 inch ultra-marathon, top 10 finish (7th) and a 4 minute PB. Great way to end a great year.

January 2017. Australia Day Ultra 100k 8hrs4min14seconds, 2nd place. First 100k ultra and very happy with the result. Video and race report available on the blog.

Gotta love the 5k pain train. World Masters November 2106