Running company can make the K’s disappear.

Starting to feel the fatigue in the legs recently and today was a tad warmer than it’s been of late. Must start to get use to the heat as I know it’s coming like a freight train ! In Perth the average temperature is 18 and in summer 35+ days are common. Not a big fan of the heat when it comes to running in it so I always suffer in Perth’s scorching summers. Today was 20 and for the first time in quite a while it felt warm. I started slowly and ran by myself for 7k before meeting my mate Jon. We then ran together for 8k putting the world to rights and just generally chatting about ‘stuff’. Before I knew it my 10k run had turned into 15k and the time had slipped away.  Funny men ain’t known for chatting but when we run in groups we’ll happily chirp away for hours, or maybe that’s just me. ? Anyway the point of this post is running alone can sometimes be what you need but generally a bit of company helps; especially on those long runs on the weekend.  I would also recommend a running group if you’re starting out as like minded people enjoying (suffering) together will encourage you to keep turning up and improving. If the group has a shared goal, like a marathon, this bond is even stronger and you’re more likely to succeed with a bit of peer pressure.

Finally if you are feeling unmotivated a call out to a friend can sometimes be what you need to get you ‘out there’……



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